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Surrey Rat Catcher

expert rat control in Surrey

Rat Control & Prevention

There are a number of reasons why people need to use a Rat control service in Surrey especially when these rodents invade our homes and businesses.
The weather can play a large part in this due to the amount of flooding we get. This pushes the Rats from their underground tunnels in search of a new home and food.
Another common reason that Rat control is required is when the Rats move onto your property in search of a safe nesting site. They will normally take advantage of gaps in the brickwork around the property giving them easy access.

rat catcher Surrey

Effective Control Methods

Every Rat treatment requires a different approach so this is assessed on site.
There are many ways to control Rat infestations in Surrey from traditional trapping to effective baiting.
We take our time to ensure the best Rat control method is used to effectively remove all Rats safely.

Remember we are available 24 hours a day to resolve any Rat infestations!

Rat Catcher Surrey Reviews

We heard some strange noises coming from the loft at night. We knew that Rats can cause damage to wiring so were quick to call the Surrey Rat catcher. Marcus found the Rats had nested in the insulation. They were quickly removed as requested. Very pleased with the service provided by MPC.

Mrs Ledley - Surrey

Covering Surrey

24 Hour Call Outs

MPC Pest Control provide our Surrey Rat control service 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. Please feel free to contact us regarding any Rat infestation you may have.

  • Depending on the situation rat trapping can be very effective. Although there are newer methods available on the market sometimes the traditional way is the most effective.
  • Bait boxes or bait stations are a very good way of controlling rats. A poison bait is left inside the box which is designed to keep non target species such as cats and squirrels out. They are also great around commercial premises because they often go unnoticed.
  • Once the Surrey rat catcher has removed them problem rodents, you need to prevent this happening again. Generally a good inspection of the property will give you clues as to how the rats are getting in.