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Rat Control Guildford

Rat catcher in Guildford at work

Guildford Rat Catcher

Rats cause problems all year round in Guildford but they are particularity active from October onwards. This is normally caused by our weather when extreme flooding drives the rodents from their burrows and into properties in search for shelter.
Guildford rat control can quickly determine which is the most effective treatment to use from trapping to poison baits.
Quick and effective rat control is essential as rats carry and spread disease in their urine and faeces.

expert rat control

Safe & Effective rat control

Getting on top of a rat infestation may take up to 3 visits. It's important to make sure we have got to the root of the problem to ensure the rats will not return. This is normally a case of blocking any access holes in your property. The common places are drains and holes in mortar.
To find out more please feel free to contact the Guildford Rat catcher by calling or sending us a quick email.

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Our Rat Control Reviews

We had rats nesting under one of our sheds and needed them removing before they entered the house. We called the rat catcher who quickly resolved the problems with the minimum of fuss.

Mr Wellingby