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Rat Control Lingfield & Oxted

Rat control and removal in Oxted and Lingfield

Rat Control & Removal

During the wetter winter months rodents such as rats and mice will move around in search of a warm place to live over winter.
Sheds, barns, and even our houses are among their favorites but this brings some serious health implications with it.
Rodents carry diseases such as Weil's and Lyme disease which can be transferred to humane through contact with the rodents urine or from tick bites! Both Oxted and Lingfield have large problems with rats and mice due to their locations.

Oxted Rat Removal

Local Rodent Catcher Service

Our Oxted & Lingfield rodent control consist of two methods.
The first is the traditional method of trapping. Traps are set around the infestation catching the rats or mice over a period of time until the problem is cleared.
The second method is to bait and poison the rodents. This method is very effective when used correctly but also has its drawbacks so choosing the right treatment is essential.

Our chicken feed was attracting a large amount of rats during the night. We tried to resolve but with no luck so we called the Rodent control guy. 2 weeks later an d not a rat in sight!

Paul Mashall - Oxted

Rodent control in Lingfield & Oxted

Remember the longer you leave a rat or mice problem the worse it will get! Large infestations can often be very hard and expensive to get control of.

Safe and effective rat and mice control 7 days a week!