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Rat Control Woking

rat control Woking

Woking Rat Catcher Service

MPC Pest Control provide rat control in Woking 7 days a week.
Rats are one of the most common pests in the UK and have already started to build an immunity to some rodenticides available through diy stores and online.
Our Woking rat catcher service includes a free site survey to ensure we use the safest and most effect method at our disposal. This will vary depending on the size of the rat infestation and the location.
The rat control Woking team can trap, bait and prevent further rodent infestations leaving our customers worry free.

rat catcher Woking

Effective Rat Prevention & Treatments

Rats require three key ingredients to survive in a property, loft or outhouse. There must be a sustainable food and water source close by. Rats also require shelter and if any of these key aspects are removed it can often help prevent any further rat problems.
Rodents carry disease in their droppings, urine and fur which will easily contaminate any food source it makes contact with.

Very pleased to finally get the experts in to resolve the rats in the loft. Every night we can hear them moving around and it was really starting to worry us.

Mr Lankhurst - Woking

Call The Rat Catcher Woking 24 Hours A Day

I am available 24 hours a day to deal with any rat infestation you may have. You can either call me or leave an email via the contact form.

We also provide rat control and prevention in Knaphill, Pirbright, West End, Pyrford and Ripley.